Yule with the Wyrd Vikings

On the very wet weekend of December 15th, 2018, I joined the Wyrd Vikings in celebrating Yule for the first time.

The great feast hall

The great feast hall

Regardless of the previous nights downpours from Thor, Saturday’s feast was wonderful. Although, I did not realize how much meat vikings still eat. I am extremely lucky that Tyler, the new light of my life, took the time to cook fish for us.

Tyler, Brent, and Michelle before the feast.

Tyler, Brent, and Michelle before the feast.

Following the feast, a traditional Yule ceremony was held. Every single one of us gave thanks and blessings around the large fire. I expressed my gratefulness to Michelle and Brent for bringing me into their community, and to everyone for being so kind and welcoming. “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have met this strapping young man,” I blushed as the crowd cheered and I looked at Tyler… Hail new friends!

20181215_Wyrd Vikings Yule_Madison Greer Photography_0015.jpg

Michelle and Brent led the ceremony (above) and the burning of the goat followed. (below)

20181215_Wyrd Vikings Yule_Madison Greer Photography_0016.jpg
20181215_Wyrd Vikings Yule_Madison Greer Photography_0017.jpg

It was a beautiful night filled with light, love, and a LOT of mead.

20181215_Wyrd Vikings Yule_Madison Greer Photography_0020.jpg
20181215_Wyrd Vikings Yule_Madison Greer Photography_0025.jpg

Once again, I cannot thank all of these new people in my life enough… I have never felt so welcomed in a group before and I am enjoying every new experience. I hope it doesn’t stop anytime soon and I get to create many more memories and take many more photos in the new year…

Yuletide Blessings to you all. I hope your Solstice is filled with light, and you have a very happy New Year.